This is a blog where researchers working at the interface of social sciences and natural sciences can discuss how they can further integrate and enrich both fields. As research becomes more interdisciplinary, this blog aims to share the best practices in the field.

About Me

I am Angelo Romasanta, a trained chemist currently taking my PhD at the science, business and innovation department at VU Amsterdam. As a Marie Curie Early Stage Research of the ITN ‘Fragnet’, I am studying the social science aspect of the drug discovery approach called fragment based lead discovery (FBLD). Working at the interface of the two sciences, I am hoping to aid both researchers and managers in the pharmaceutical industry to bridge discoveries in the laboratory to the market.

Previously, I was a graduate student of the Erasmus Mundus Master in Chemical Innovation and Regulation as a scholar of the European Commission. It is a program that aims to equip its students with the ability to translate the technical knowledge concerning chemicals to information, meaningful to businesses and governments. On my first year, I took modules on innovation at the University of Barcelona. Later, I did my thesis on the discovery of new crystal forms of various compounds in a collaboration between the Centro de Quimica Estructural in Lisbon and the University of Bologna.

I am interested in bridging science and business to help innovations in the laboratory turn into marketable products. Previously, I was a marketing intern at Procter and Gamble, working for the fabric conditioner brand Downy. I have also worked in the academe as a researcher for biosensors. Aside from these, I am proud of having founded my own startup which made science-themed shirts to promote literacy to the Filipino youth. This blend of scientific training and business experience made me see the impact that working at the interface can do to society.

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