Business Idea for the Conference Industry

Last week, I was in Boston to attend the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. It was an intimate conference to meet other scholars at the forefront of entrepreneurship research. I really enjoyed my experience there. I listened to a lot of presentations from a wide range of topics – entrepreneur characteristics, finance, gender, law among other things.

I noticed a lot of people moving from one session to another. I also heard some comments about presentations from different areas belonging to the same session. Some people were not able to attend some sessions as they were occurring simultaneously with another presentation of interest.

So, just a quick idea for the conference industry (if there is such a thing). It would be great if there was an API that quickly clustered papers according to their title/abstract. Such platform can also take into account presenters from the same affiliations and coauthorships so that their sessions do not fall under the same timeslot.

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