Bibliometrics with Python

It’s been a few months since I last posted in this blog. As I am doing my PhD, I have been quite busy learning two things. First, since my background is chemistry, specifically crystal engineering, I have been busy transitioning towards the social sciences. There’s quite a lot of material I had to cover to be able to keep with the latest areas in Business and Innovation studies. Second, having no programming background before, I had to spend some time learning the basics. I am happy with my progress in data science with languages such as Python, R, SQL and other tools like Tableau. ¬†I will cover the pros and cons of learning programming as a social scientist and how to actually learn them efficiently in another post.

For now, I just want to share a Python code I made to convert Web of Knowledge text files to a Dataframe / CSV . This is useful if you want to check each publication manually with Excel before analysis in another bibliometric software such as VosViewer and CitNetExplorer. I also provided a code to convert these back to the original Web of Knowledge format.

Link to ConvertWOStoDataFrame.ipynb