Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Mapping the Research Landscape. Oral Presentation. R&D Management Conference 2018. Milan, Italy.

Angelo KS Romasanta, Peter van der Sijde, Iina Hellsten, Roderick E Hubbard, Gyorgy M Keseru, Jacqueline van Muijlwijk-Koezen and Iwan JP de Esch. When fragments link: a bibliometric perspective on the development of fragment-based drug discovery Drug Discovery Today

Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD) is a highly interdisciplinary field, rich in ideas integrated from pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, biology, and physics, among others. To enrich our understanding of the development of the field, we used bibliometric techniques to analyze 3642 publications in FBDD, complementing accounts by key practitioners. Mapping its core papers, we found the transfer of knowledge from academia to industry. Co-authorship analysis showed that university–industry collaboration has grown over time. Moreover, we show how ideas from other scientific disciplines have been integrated into the FBDD paradigm. Keyword analysis showed that the field is organized into four interconnected practices: library design, fragment screening, computational methods, and optimization. This study highlights the importance of interactions among various individuals and institutions from diverse disciplines in newly emerging scientific fields.

Interview in Nature Biotechnology about collaborations in fragment-based drug discovery. Astex shapes CDK4/6 inhibitor for approval


Collaborations landscape in Fragment-based drug discovery via publications/patents analysis. Poster Presentation. High Tech Small Firms 2017. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The patent landscape of fragment-based drug discovery. Poster Presentation. Royal Society of Chemistry  Biological & Medicinal Chemistry Sector Fragments 2017. Vienna, Austria.

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