Technology Management Literature (2019-)

I wanted to get updated with the latest trends in the technology management literature. To do this, I conducted a bibliometric review of the publications in the top innovation and general management journals.

Journals Analyzed

I searched the Web of Science for articles published from 2019 in the top technology journals (Research Policy, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Technovation, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, R & D Management, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Journal of Engineering And Technology Management, Industry and Innovation, Research-Technology Management, Scientometrics and Journal of Technology Transfer). I then added articles in the top general management journals as long as they contain the terms science, technology or innovation. These journals include Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Annals, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Perspectives,  Journal of Business Research, British Journal of Management, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Strategic Management Journal, Management Science, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal,  Journal of Management and Organization Science.

Using these data collection steps, I had 2,561 articles. I used python to analyze the articles in bulk. Visualizations were carried out using VosViewer.

Top Cited Works

TitleFirst AuthorJournalYearInternal Citations
Self-citations as strategic response to the use of metrics for career decisionsSeeber, MRes Pol20199
Can big data and predictive analytics improve social and environmental sustainability?Dubey, RTFSC20198
Social media and innovation: A systematic literature review and future research directionsBhimani, HTFSC20197
How crowdfunding platforms change the nature of user innovation – from problem solving to entrepreneurshipBrem, ATFSC20197
Green innovation and organizational performance: The influence of big data and the moderating role of management commitment and HR practicesEl-Kassar, ANTFSC20197
Understanding Smart Cities: Innovation ecosystems, technological advancements, and societal challengesAppio, FPTFSC20196
Servitization and Industry 4.0 convergence in the digital transformation of product firms: A business model innovation perspectiveFrank, AGTFSC20196
Technology Reemergence: Creating New Value for Old Technologies in Swiss Mechanical Watchmaking, 1970-2008Raffaelli, RASQ20196
Innovation policy for system-wide transformation: The case of strategic innovation programmes (sips) in SwedenGrillitsch, MRes Pol20196
Collaborative modes with Cultural and Creative Industries and innovation performance: The moderating role of heterogeneous sources of knowledge and absorptive capacitySantoro, GTechnovation20206
Implementing citizen centric technology in developing smart cities: A model for predicting the acceptance of urban technologiesSepasgozar, SMETFSC20196

There are two few works not in the chosen journals but are still highly cited. The first one is Large teams develop and small teams disrupt science and technology by Wu et al in Nature, which received 9 internal citations. The only other one in the top 10 was An agenda for sustainability transitions research: State of the art and future directions by Kohler et al.


Articles in technology management published from 2019. Visualization from VosViewer
ClusterTop KeywordsTop Cited Works in ClusterCount
Red (1)innovation, technology, market, product, user, platform, venture, ecosystem, social, digitalfornell c (1981), eisenhardt km (1989), podsakoff pm (2003), davis fd (1989), eisenhardt km (2007)596
Green (2)firm, innovation, knowledge, performance, effect, innovation performance, capability, network, industry, collaborationcohen wm (1990), laursen k (2006), march jg (1991), kogut b (1992), zahra sa (2002)578
Dark Blue (3)research, journal, citation, publication, article, science, scientific, field, paper, researcherhirsch je (2005), van eck nj (2010), merton rk (1968), egghe l (2006), hicks d (2015)457
Yellow (4)innovation, policy, system, smart city, technology, transition, scenario, development, foresight, processgeels fw (2002), geels fw (2007), markard j (2012), geels fw (2004), bergek a (2008)289
Violet (5)patent, technology, trademark, technological, innovation, analysis, invention, firm, market, methodtrajtenberg m (1990), lerner j (1994), mendonca s (2004), daim tu (2006), flikkema m (2014)133
Light Blue (6)university, technology transfer, research, academic entrepreneurship, innovation, knowledge transfer, entrepreneurial university, knowledge, collaboration, commercializationperkmann m (2013), siegel ds (2003), d’este p (2011), grimaldi r (2011), d’este p (2007)113

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