Weekly Reads – Aug 21

Government royalties on sales of biomedical products developed with substantial public funding – The pharma industry has faced a lot of criticisms due to the increasing drug prices and privatization of research funded by taxpayer money. This paper proposes how royalties can be a better alternative compared to price controls by not decreasing investment in R&D.

The authenticity premium: Balancing conformity and innovation in high technology industries – A study on authenticity, putting their own spin to the idea of optimal distinctiveness. They looked at the balance between differentiation and conformity in three signals given by firms – network, governance and narrative.

Post-Failure Success: Sensemaking in Problem Representation Reformulation – failures normally spring from a faulty representation of the problem. A reformulation of these wrong assumptions is the key then to steer one’s trajectory, ultimately turning the initial failure into a success.

Organizational Resilience: A Valuable Construct for Management Research? – Resilience has become a buzzword during the pandemic. The paper clarifies a lot of things about what it really is about and how to measure it. They identify behavior, resources and capabilities as relevant components which aid to have a resilient response which then leads to organizational growth.

Managing intrapreneurial capabilities: An overview – an introduction to a special issue on intrapreneurship and dynamic capabilities. They identify different research streams in the intersection of these two topics.

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